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How To Journal For Therapy: 90 Journal Prompts for Self Discovery

Do you often feel overwhelmed with thoughts that deteriorate your productivity? Does life get frustrating when you have too much emotions bottled up with no way to channel negativity? This means that you need to increase your positivity dosage to feel more focused and alive. But, how can you do that? The answer is journaling! Check out some journal prompts to ask yourself about seven different topics.

Mental Health

How To Convince Yourself That Life Will Get Better

Do you feel like your life is falling apart and you are unable to catch up? Everything you do just turns out to have a negative outcome. By the end of all the down falls taking part in your life, all these bad situations just left a negative impression in our soul that is not easy to heal. So from here your road to positive thinking becomes impossible. So what is it that you can do to stay positive?

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How To Get Through Nagging Regrets

We choose to believe that most of the events that happen in our lives are because of the choices we made. Most of us choose how to pursue our life. The results of these choices make us either happy we made choice or simply regret them. Regret is a powerful emotion that takes away our present and future based on our past.