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How To Deal With or Overcome Grief

What does grief mean to you? Is it that you lost someone you love and you feel grief that they are not there with you? Or are you grieving because you lost the job that you deeply loved that you are no longer in? Are you diagnosed with some kind of illness and you're grieving because you lost hope? In this post, I share the different stages of grief and how we can overcome them.

Insomnia: 14 Simple Things To Do When You Can't Sleep
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Insomnia: 14 Simple Things To Do When You Can’t Sleep

Even when you go to bed getting ready to sleep, do you still find your eyes wide open and your mind wandering around in places you don't want to recall? most likely have insomnia. Insomnia is a sleeping disorder that we can face when we are unable to sleep properly or at all. Here are some tips to practice to get a better good night's sleep.

How To Deal With Toxic People
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How To Deal With Toxic People

I am sure each one of us has at least one toxic person in their life that they need to encounter with them whether they like it or not. So I would've easily asked you to work on getting rid of toxic people from your life, but I know that it is impossible in most cases. Let us read more about toxic people's personality traits and how we can deal with them.

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Reasons Why You Feel Lost And What To Do About It

Do you feel like you don't really know who you are at this point, or what should you be doing next? Do find yourself lost whenever you try to have a glimpse of your future? No one in this life has their life all figured out all the time. So don't be hard on yourself. You are not alone in this. Have a look at the reasons why you would feel lost in your life and how you can fix each of these problems.

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Coronavirus: 8 Ways To Look After Your Mental Health

Everything became very stressful after the coronavirus pandemic. The panic experienced by everyone (adults and children) due to this new disease caused a lot of mental health conditions. Everybody is just scared and panicking all the time. Read more about the common struggles most people are going through in quarantine and how to overcome them.

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How To Convince Yourself That Life Will Get Better

Do you feel like your life is falling apart and you are unable to catch up? Everything you do just turns out to have a negative outcome. By the end of all the down falls taking part in your life, all these bad situations just left a negative impression in our soul that is not easy to heal. So from here your road to positive thinking becomes impossible. So what is it that you can do to stay positive?

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How To Get Through Nagging Regrets

We choose to believe that most of the events that happen in our lives are because of the choices we made. Most of us choose how to pursue our life. The results of these choices make us either happy we made choice or simply regret them. Regret is a powerful emotion that takes away our present and future based on our past.

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Am I Depressed Or Just Really Sad?

Most of us hear the words sad and depressed used interchangeably a lot these days. Some people say “I am sad” when it is a small thing that is bothering them and “I am depressed” when they are feeling intense sadness. But those two sentences have completely different meanings to them. Feeling sad is part of depression but depression is not extreme sadness.