Stuck in a Queue? Here are 18 Ways to Kill Time

In long queues at places like supermarkets, mini-markets, department stores, banks etc., people are forced to wait until their turn comes up. Imagine how boring and frustrating it is to stand there staring around for the next 20 mins doing nothing. To solve that, here are a list of things you can do while standing in a queue that would kill your time and make your waiting process more productive.


How To Keep Your Life Organized: My Top 15 Easy Ways

Is your life so unorganized that you don't know how to fix it? You tried to work things out but because of how hectic life is at this point, you still notice the mess around you. It is always easier to want to be organized than to actually be organized. But you need to get one thing straight. Nobody is born organized or perfect. Everyone learns basic healthy habits along the way and implement them to regulate a stimulating lifestyle. You are no different than those people. Let's look at some tips that helped me on how to keep my life organized.


My personality: an introvert, extrovert, or an ambivert?

All this time I thought that a personality is always either black or white. While there are different personality types, the words introvert and extrovert are very common when someone is trying to describe a personality. But here is the thing, what if we can have some traits from both categories? What can we call ourselves? Let us look into the key differences between each personality type so you can figure out exactly what your personality is.


8 Absurd Myths People Believe About Teachers

Have you ever sat among your friends or group of people where someone says something about a teacher and suddenly, everyone around you starts talking about teachers? Being a teacher myself, I have heard a lot of these comments along the years I spent as a teacher, and some of them are just too absurd to believe. Here, I have gathered some of the most common myths believed by most non-teachers.

32 Super Easy Ways To Spend Your Free Time

32 Super Easy Ways To Spend Your Free Time

It is true that most people think spending time alone can be very frustrating and boring. However, what they don’t understand is how you spend it is what matters. Here is a list of productive things you can do in your free time that will help you kill time and have fun at the same time. Whether you are unemployed or have a lot of free time in your hand, use these ideas to benefit the most out of your free time.

How Coronavirus Affected My Life

How Coronavirus Affected My Life

Coronavirus came into our lives and changed a lot of things in it. We all know what all is happening around us because of this damn virus. How many people are dying and how many are away from their loved ones unable to visit them like they used to. It took away our freedom to live the life we wanted and even the life we were already living. So what did this virus do to me? How is it that it affected me?