About Me

My name is Reem Shams. I am 29 years old and I currently reside in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with my parents and little sister. I come from a multicultural family and this made me have a broader perspective on life.


After I got my degree in Computer Science Engineering, unfortunately, I didn’t have the luck to pursue working in my field of study. I worked hard after graduating by taking up new courses and self-studying trending programming languages but was still unfortunate with working in the IT department.

The issue was that in the place I live in, they always looked for local interns or someone with field experience. I had neither, plus, I didn’t even have an intermediary that could help me get a job based on my skills. So yeah…no luck there!

I didn’t know what to do or how to get over whatever was happening. I was locked at home for months. I didn’t have the energy or enough cash to go out with friends.

People’s silly questions truly bothered me because I didn’t really know what they expected me to answer. I didn’t choose to be unemployed. It just happened! Back then, I had “the victim” mindset where I wanted some kind of “hero” to help me escape from my environment. So my life was at pause and on continuous struggle from every angle.

Even though I was going through depression, I didn’t want to give it much attention because of my responsibilities. I focused on finding a job that could make a difference in my life.

Thankfully, I eventually got a job. Not in the IT field, but as a full-time teacher. Spending my time with those kids during school hours is just something that made me feel happy and alive. My love for kids made me believe that I was living the job of my dreams.

But then as time passed by, I was feeling happy, but not fulfilled. I thought that my life purpose was to be a teacher and teach lovely children as I create a new generation with excellent foundation.

Teaching is something I have been doing every since I graduated high school. I did it without even trying hard; it came naturally to me. So it felt like it is my destiny to become an amazing teacher.

I have always been the kind of person who tries my best to have a positive and life-changing impact for the people around me. Even when I was depressed or just having a hard time dealing with my pains and struggles, I always enforced optimism to the people around me even when I was a pessimist.

Apart from career struggles, life has shown me its different shades of pain. There are struggles in my life that I could overcome and there are struggles that I am working on. It is true that life broke me in many different angles, but with my self-support and self-motivation, I managed to handle myself well enough to be the person I am today.

Either way, I have learned to become contented and aim for growth and improvement in whatever comes my way in this journey of life.

But suddenly, during quarantine, I started getting this feeling that what if there is more to what I can become than just a teacher. What if I can have huger impact on people than what I have today. People are always amazed by my skills and my passion to do whatever it takes to help them out one way or another.

I wanted to help people overcome their pains and struggles. I knew I could do that I just didn’t know where to start or how to even do it. That’s when I decided to become a life coach. I enrolled in life coaching courses and got certified as a Professional Life Coach, CBT Life Coach and NLP practitioner.

Everyone is struggling in their own way. It is how they work their way out of those struggles that matters. – Reem Shams


Life always has a way to come up with a new challenge and distract our peace. Most of those challenges are internal like depression, lack of productivity, lack of self-confidence, fear of failure, etc.

I have had a share of those struggles like most people in this planet and I am working on getting better at handling them.

So this is why I became a life coach…to share my experiences and help you learn how to become the best version of yourself BY YOURSELF. It is to show you how to believe that you can rise yourself by working on yourself.

People think that they need support from others to become better. They want to rely on others to help them pull themselves up and shine. When these very people disappoint them, they are then drown back into their sorrows. In worst case scenarios, it gets even worse than it was before.

So why should you depend on others to rise and shine when you can do it yourself? You are brighter and smarter than you believe you are, and I am here to guide you be better without the need of anyone else.

To make it simple…I am here to help you realize that despite whatever you’re going through in your life, you are better than the person you think you are, and you can become even better.

It doesn’t matter what mistakes you did or what struggles you are facing today. You can always do things to make anything better. All you need is a positive/growth mindset to walk the journey of a fulfilled life.


My blog is about different aspects in life that helps in improving yourself and your mindset. My mission here is to help you become the better version of yourself and to do that, you will have to focus on the major aspects in your life.

So in my blog I talk about:

1. Personal Development
2. Mental Health
3. Health and Wellness
4. Relationship
5. Lifestyle

My main focus will be on Personal Development and Mental Health. The rest of the topics will act as an addition to help improve your life.


Like I said above, I love helping others learn something I know. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and perspective on life to prove to people that there is more to life than what meet the eyes.

We mostly focus on the negative things that happen in our lives. When life gets really tough, we tend to drown ourselves with negativity. This is why I want to be the light that leads you to a better mindset…hence a better life. A life where things are not as bad as they seem.

I wanted to create a place where I can teach, inform, and help YOU find what you never thought you needed to begin with.

To make you believe that it is possible to change, I will also be sharing some of my past and present experiences to share what I learned from my lessons so you can have a wider perspective on the subject.

Just know that I am here to help you realize that with the right mindset and motivation, nothing is impossible to achieve.


If you want to ask me anything about anything, feel free to email me at reemshamslifecoach@gmail.com. I am always here to listen and help.

Also, if you want to book a free discovery session, contact me using any of these contact details. Or you can just connect with me so we can get to know each other better.