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Yoga For Complete Beginners: 13+ Super Simple Poses

There are over 300 poses in yoga. But for us beginners, there is only a limit of how much we can stretch our bodies. This is why we need to take it one step at a time and start with these basic poses. I have gathered 13 yoga poses for you as a beginner to help you explore your body's abilities to stretch. Then I added some other yoga poses that you may be able to practice as well.

How Coronavirus Affected My Life

How Coronavirus Affected My Life

Coronavirus came into our lives and changed a lot of things in it. We all know what all is happening around us because of this damn virus. How many people are dying and how many are away from their loved ones unable to visit them like they used to. It took away our freedom to live the life we wanted and even the life we were already living. So what did this virus do to me? How is it that it affected me?